Tuesday, June 05, 2007

New Orleans: Uncle Lionel B'Day at Spotted Cat

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Uncle Lionel Batiste is a New Orleans music legend. Here you will find some photos from his 75th Birthday. It took place at The Spotted Cat, at the Faubourg Marigny. Lionel, a man of many trades, is well known as a superb jazz drummer. He started playing that instrument in his home neighborhood the Treme. It seems that Batiste use to refer to mostly every one as "my niece" or "my nephew", hence, it is not hard to understand the use of uncle when referring to him. With Sartorial dandyism Lionel is a piece of living history in the streets of Nola.

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Sarah said...

i like your style...

i'm wondering what kind of camera you use?
i am in the market for a digital (i've resisted but i think i have to give in) and i am doing informal polls on what people like.